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Kalymnos island

Kalymnos lies in the Southeastern Aegean, between Kos and Leros and Asia Minor. It is the 4th in size and the 3rd in population out of the Dodecanese Islands. It is 109,67 sq klms and its coastline has a length of 96 klms.
It is over and above a seafaring island.
Its history, culture and folklore relate directly to the sea. Barren, rocky mountains extend across it, with little greenery to break the monotony of stone but with a lush growth of thyme on some slopes, which explains why the Kalymnian honey has always been considered superior to even that of Attica.
The Island of Kalymnos is small, stunningly beautiful ,quiet and clean island, without cosmopolitan coordinates and it addresses to people searching for calm, seeking authentic relaxing ways, a natural environment.
Kalymnos has a low-leveled vegetation, mainly bushes with aromatic plants such as thyme, thimble, oregano, rosemary, etc.
Thus, this bushy vegetation helps the growth of apiculture.
The thymine honey of Kalymnos with its great perfume and with all the advantages that possesses such a biological product insusceptible of chemical preservatives or additives constitutes a productive activity on the island.
In the mountainous plate of Kalymnos live freely thousands of goats that, under the given circumstances, are forced to drink seawater.
The seawater they drink, makes their meat particularly tasty and absolutely natural without hormones and various faty substances.
Melina's Apartments are located in the small seaside village resort of Myrties, eight kilometres from Pothia, the main port of Kalymnos. Myrties has regular transport links with Pothia and the rest of the island, including a regular bus service. The small port at Myrties also provides a frequent taxi service (run by small, picturesque local boats,) to the lovely neighbouring island of Telendos, a mere kilometre away.
The clean, beautiful single beach and coves of Myrties lie directly below Melina's Apartments, from which you can reach the seashore in a matter of minutes. There are also many other stunning local beaches within walking distance of the apartments. Myrties itself provides all the services a visitor might need - restaurants, bars, small independent local stores, a tourist office, bike rental, and several small supermarkets - retaining its quiet and peaceful atmosphere by day, and coming alive in traditional tavernas and bars at night.


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